News Headlines - 11 October 2011

▽US Foils 'Iranian Plot To Kill Ambassador' - Sky News
America's Justice Department has accused factions of the Iranian government of plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US.
Two men have been charged in New York with conspiracy to murder Adel al-Jubeir as part of a major terror attack on US soil.

▽Iran rejects U.S. allegations of Saudi envoy plot - Reuters
Iran rejected U.S. allegations that two Iranians planned to assassinate the Saudi envoy to Washington, calling it a "untrue and baseless," the country's English language Press TV reported on Tuesday.

▽Slovakia votes against expanded EFSF - Financial Times
The Slovak parliament will remain in session and is likely to hold a second vote later this week. Three of the four parties in Ms Radicova’s coalition support it and the left-wing opposition SMER party led by Robert Fico – who called the vote a “fiasco” for the government – indicated that it would be prepared to support the measure.

▽Virgin to use ‘recycled’ fuel on flights - Financial Times
Virgin Atlantic is aiming to run scheduled flights on a blend of ordinary and “recycled” fuel by 2015, giving a fillip to a technology that creates ethanol out of the emissions of carbon-intensive manufacturing operations such as steel plants.
The airline says it will use the fuel, which is being developed by New Zealand-based LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels, on flights running between London and Shanghai and London and Delhi “within two or three years”.

▽BlackBerry email glitch continues and spreads - Financial Times
BlackBerry smartphone owners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa reported continuing problems with their service for a second day amid indications that the problems had spread to users in India and Latin America.
Research in Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry devices which also operates the dedicated network for BlackBerry users, had earlier claimed that it had resolved the problem believed to have begun at a company-owned data-centre in Slough.







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