News Headlines - 13 October 2011

▽IMF Urges Japan to Do More to Cut Debt - Wall Street Journal
Japan must do more to convince investors it has a plan to set its fiscal house in order, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday, as European sovereign debt woes threaten to bring unwanted attention to Tokyo's own fiscal problems while the nation grapples with expensive post-disaster reconstruction.

▽Japan to decide on joining Pacific trade pact - BusinessWeek
Top Japanese officials said Wednesday the country will decide whether to join a U.S.-led Pacific-wide free trade zone ahead of a regional economic summit to be held in Hawaii next month.

▽French prosecutors drop Strauss-Kahn inquiry - AFP
French prosecutors dropped an investigation into former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Thursday, saying they had prima facie evidence of sexual assault but the case was too old to prosecute.

▽British PM consulting Canada on royal succession - CTV.ca
Cameron has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the heads of 14 other Commonwealth countries in order to solicit their opinions on updating the law.
Any such change would require unanimous consent from all 16 Commonwealth countries.

▽iOS 5: Users report failed updates and delays - Telegraph.co.uk
The sheer number of people trying to download the new Apple software appears to have caused problems with the company's servers. Many users reported long waiting times to download the operating system as well as failed updates.







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