News Headlines - 14 October 2011

▽Occupy Wall Street protesters set for showdown with police - Telegraph.co.uk
Anti-Wall Street protesters in New York are preparing for a showdown with police when they attempt to shift them from the site today.

▽Syrian Forces Shoot at Protesters; 6 Killed - Voice of America
Syrian security forces have opened fire on protesters in several parts of the country, killing at least six people.

▽IAEA Urges Japan To Set Realistic Decontamination Goals - Wall Street Journal
The International Atomic Energy Agency, in a report released Friday, urged Japan to take a more focused and realistic approach to dealing with radioactive contamination in areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, amid signs the Japanese government is becoming increasingly overwhelmed by public demands for decontamination.

▽Apple IPhone 4S Lines May Help Weekend Sales Hit 4 Million Units - BusinessWeek
Apple Inc. is poised to sell as many as 4 million units of its new iPhone 4S this weekend after customers around the world lined up to buy one of the last products developed under Steve Jobs.

▽Smartphones boost Sony Ericsson - Financial Times
Sony Ericsson, the mobile handset maker, has returned to gross profit in the third-quarter after sales rose by a third in the period on the back of growth of its smart phone business.







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