News Headlines - 18 October 2011

▽EU calls off meeting with Ukraine president over Yulia Tymoshenko row - Telegraph.co.uk
The European Union on Tuesday called off a meeting with Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President, in a row over last week's jailing of his political rival Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former prime minister.

▽European Court outlaws patents on embryonic stem cell techniques - The Guardian
Research into new therapies for incurable and life-threatening diseases have suffered a blow with a European court ruling that procedures that use embryonic stem cells cannot be patented.
Senior scientists were dismayed by the judgment on Tuesday, which outlaws patents on stem cell techniques that involve the destruction of embryos. They fear it will hamper research and stifle commercial investment.

▽Facebook riots: appeals against 4-year jail terms thrown out - Mirror.co.uk
APPEALS by two men jailed for four years each after inciting trouble on Facebook during August’s riots were rejected by the Court of Appeal yesterday.
Defence lawyers claimed the sentences for Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, and Jordan Blackshaw, 21, were “manifestly excessive”.
But Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, said: “What both these appellants intended was to cause very serious crime. The sentencing judge was justi­-fied in concluding deterrent sentences were appropriate.”

▽Japan to Issue Guidelines For Detecting 'Hotspots' - Wall Street Journal
Alarmed by recent discoveries of radioactive "hot spots" in Tokyo and other areas far from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan will soon issue guidelines to help citizens and local officials detect contaminated areas and clean them safely, a government minister said.

▽Apple Loses Some of Its Shine - Wall Street Journal
Apple said Tuesday it sold more than 17 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter ended Sept. 24, up from more than 14 million a year ago but lower than the 20 million or more that analysts had been expecting.







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