News Headlines - 20 October 2011

▽Muammar Gaddafi, the 'king of kings' dies in city of his birth - The Guardian
For the past three weeks, with Gaddafi's whereabouts still unknown, government fighters had been puzzled by the bitter and determined resistance from loyalist fighters. Trapped in a tiny coastal strip just a few hundred metres wide, they had refused to give up, even when a victory by the forces of Libya's National Transitional Council seemed inevitable.
Here at last was the answer: they had been fighting to the death with their once-great leader in their midst.

▽Basque group ETA ends armed independence campaign - The Associated Press
After killing more than 800 people across Spain over the last four decades in its drive for an independent state, the Basque separatist group ETA on Thursday said it would lay down its arms — but stopped short of declaring it was defeated.
The historic announcement was made via video by three ETA members wearing trademark Basque berets and masks with slits for their eyes. At the end of the clip, they defiantly raised their fists in the air demanding a separate Basque nation.

▽Russian 'spy' joked about bringing down half of NATO - Mirror.co.uk
A RUSSIAN “spy” joked that the Kremlin had congratulated her for bringing down half of Nato, a deportation panel was told yesterday.
Ekaterina Zatuliveter started a fling with a “50-something” European Nato worker “Y” after her four-year affair with Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock, the hearing heard.

▽David Cameron facing frontbench rebellion over EU referendum vote - The Guardian
David Cameron is bracing himself for the biggest rebellion since he took office, with possible frontbench resignations, when Tory MPs defy No 10 to vote in favour of a referendum on Britain's EU membership on Monday.

▽Olympus investors demand answers over fees - Financial Times
Olympus, the beleaguered Japanese camera maker, has come under fresh pressure after three big shareholders demanded answers about controversial deals revealed by its ousted chief executive.







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