News Headlines - 26 October 2011

▽Eurozone banks given just eight months to raise €106bn - Telegraph.co.uk
The deadline was one of the few concrete resolutions to be agreed at the crucial debt crisis summit in Brussels.
The 27 heads of state said banks will be required to hold 9pc of the "highest quality" capital by June – but delayed decision on the details of other rescue measures until November.

▽Europe Agrees on Plan to Inject New Capital Into Banks - New York Times
European leaders agreed Wednesday on a plan to inject new capital into the continent’s banks to insulate them against potential sovereign debt defaults, as they worked late into the night to devise a comprehensive solution to the two-year-old euro zone debt crisis.

▽Cameron urged to apologise over 'blind man' comments to grieving Hillsborough families - Daily Mail
David Cameron has been urged to apologise to families of the Hillsborough victims after saying their search for closure was like a 'blind man, in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there'.

▽Japan's Corporate Olympus - Wall Street Journal
The most salient feature of the Olympus scandal, which forced Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa to resign yesterday, is that it never would have become a scandal at all if the company hadn't hired a foreigner as CEO... According to a company spokesman, there were "major differences in management style and direction."

▽Nokia takes on Android with launch of Windows phones - The Guardian
With Apple and Google's Android now dominating the smartphone market, the world's largest phone maker is pinning its hopes of a business turnaround on the success of two models unveiled by chief executive Stephen Elop at the annual Nokia World event in London.







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