News Headlines - 01 November 2011

▽Global markets plunge with Greek government on brink of collapse - Telegraph.co.uk
Global markets plunged as the Greek government teetered on the brink of collapse, while the country's Prime Minister said that his controversial referendum will offer a "clear mandate" on whether Greece stays in the EU.

▽Referendum plan faces hurdles - Financial Times
Less than 24 hours after Greece’s prime minister called a national referendum on the country’s next bail-out package, its chances of actually taking place were growing increasingly remote.
Mr Papandreou is already under pressure from European governments to explain the reasoning behind his surprise decision. He faces a grilling on Wednesday as leaders gather for the G20 summit in Cannes.

▽MF Global's Collapse Draws FBI Interest - Wall Street Journal
The fallout from MF Global Holdings Ltd.'s collapse intensified as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission voted to issue subpoenas to the securities firm and the Federal Bureau of Investigation planned to examine whether client funds are missing, according to people familiar with the situation.

▽News of the World bosses 'were warned phone hacking was widespread' in 2008 - Telegraph.co.uk
Senior executives at the News of the World were aware that phone hacking was widespread among its reporters as early as 2008, a secret internal email suggests.

▽St Paul's seeks new direction and suspends legal action - The Guardian
Bishop of London backs away from further confrontation, recalling that the cathedral had been a 'symbol of freedom'







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