News Headlines - 06 November 2011

▽Japan's Emperor Akihito admitted to Tokyo hospital - BBC
Japan's Emperor Akihito has been admitted to hospital in Tokyo.
The Emperor, who turns 78 next month, was suffering from a cold, fever and symptoms of bronchitis, the Imperial Household Agency said.

▽Japan to join Pacific trade pact talks: report - AFP
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is to announce the country will join negotiations on a trans-Pacific trade agreement despite strong opposition from farmers, a report said Sunday.

▽Italy Yield Surge Sets Berlusconi on Bailout Path: Euro Credit - BusinessWeek
Italian bond yields are sending the nation down the same path taken by Greece, Portugal and Ireland in the days before they were forced to seek rescues.

▽Greek Political Parties Agree To Form Unity Government - Wall Street Journal
Greece's major political parties on Sunday agreed to form a national unity government that will lead the country to new elections after putting in place a debt-slashing deal, in the hope of averting financial catastrophe for the country and winning back the trust of its European partners.

▽Citigroup Tries to Calm a Japanese Watchdog - Wall Street Journal
Citigroup Inc. is moving to try to quell anger among regulators in Japan who are growing increasingly impatient at what they see as the bank's inability to fix regulatory problems that have led to three scandals in seven years.







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