News Headlines - 09 November 2011

▽London protests: police put a stop to Trafalgar Square 'tent city' - Telegraph.co.uk
Police stepped in to prevent another “tent city” being set up in central London yesterday after protesters attempted to occupy Trafalgar Square.

▽Students marching against tuition fees met with 'total policing' tactics - The Guardian
Thousands of students and protesters marched through London to protest against tuition fees and the "privatisation" of the higher education systemon Wednesday, flanked by a huge police presence determined to ensure the violent scenes that erupted last year were not repeated.

▽Debt crisis: while Rome burns, the eurozone fiddles - Telegraph.co.uk
The country's escalating crisis prompted questions about whether European leaders had sufficient will or financial firepower to rescue it.
The interest rate at which the Italian government borrows on the international bond markets hit seven per cent – the point at which the smaller eurozone economies of Ireland, Portugal and Greece had to be rescued.

▽The Beginning of the End of Adobe Flash Player - PCWorld
Adobe is trying to put a positive spin on the news that the company is stopping development on mobile Flash Player. From now on, Adobe will focus on HTML5 and AIR-based native apps for smartphones, while pushing forward with Flash Player on PCs.

▽Japan Entry in Trade Pact May Open $48 Billion Farm Market - BusinessWeek
Japan’s participation in a free trade group led by the U.S. could open up the country’s agriculture markets worth $48 billion to foreign exporters of rice, sugar and beef, boosting global prices.







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