News Headlines - 12 November 2011

▽Silvio Berlusconi finally resigns as Italy's prime minister, to cheers from supporters and jeers from foes - Telegraph.co.uk
His departure came hours after the country's lower house of parliament approved, by a margin of 380 votes to 26, an urgently-needed package of economic reforms designed to tackle the country's €1.9 trillion debt, revive its sluggish economy and prevent it from going the way of Greece.

▽Unions reject 15-minute strike idea - The Press Association
Union leaders have attacked a Government minister for making a "daft" suggestion that public sector workers wouldn't lose any pay if they only go on strike for 15 minutes during a day of action later this month.

▽Bank to publish inflation report - The Press Association
The Bank of England will reveal how likely a double-dip recession is in the UK when it publishes its quarterly inflation report on Wednesday.
The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is expected to slash its forecasts for growth and inflation as a raft of key indicators all point towards the economy heading into reverse.

▽Valve's online game service Steam hit by hackers - BBC
The Steam video game service, used by 35 million people, has been compromised by hackers.
Its owner and operator, Valve, uncovered an intrusion into a user database while investigating a security breach of its discussion forums.

▽What iPhones really cost: We reveal, piece by piece, what it actually cost Apple to make the 4S - Daily Mail
Expert analysts from technology firm iSuppli have prised open the pristine casing and totted up the cost of each component.







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