News Headlines - 15 November 2011

▽Apple tried to silence voice of Siri - Telegraph.co.uk
Mr Briggs however pointed out that he had recorded the thousands of sentences used to create the British Siri persona “Daniel” six years ago for another company and had never had a contract with Apple.
The firm has not been in touch since, Mr Briggs told The Telegraph.

▽Apple Names Former Genentech Chief as New Chairman - PCWorld
Arthur Levinson, former CEO of biotech company Genentech, is taking on the chairmanship of Apple's board, filling the role that Apple founder Steve Jobs vacated when he died last month.
Apple also awarded a board seat to Robert Iger, president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

▽Facebook Risks Losing Users as Porn, Violence Jam Newsfeeds - BusinessWeek
Facebook Inc. risks losing users who are offended by what researchers said is an inundation of violent images and hardcore pornography into some newsfeeds. The social network said it’s investigating the matter.

▽Stephen Lawrence DNA 'found on defendants' clothes' - BBC
Blood found on the jacket of a man accused of murdering Stephen Lawrence matched the black teenager's DNA, an Old Bailey jury has heard.

▽Money alone will not rescue the euro - Financial Times
In the chain of Europe’s sovereign debt contagion the biggest domino of all is teetering. Twice in a week, Rome’s 10-year cost of credit has broken through the 7 per cent mark. Should debt markets close the door on Italy altogether, the euro would be in lethal danger.







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