News Headlines - 17 November 2011

▽Occupy London: St Paul's protesters defy eviction notice - Telegraph.co.uk
Protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral defy a 6pm deadline to move on and promise to return "again and again" if forced to leave the site.

▽Occupy Wall Street eviction: dragged kicking and screaming US protesters fight back - Telegraph.co.uk
Dozens of protesters were arrested across the US yesterday, as the Occupy Wall Street movement fought back against its eviction in New York with a series of demonstrations.

▽Man charged with Obama assassination attempt - USA Today
A 21-year-old man accused of firing a semiautomatic rifle at the White House last week was formally charged Thursday with attempting to assassinate President Obama or members of his staff.

▽Germany's secret plans to derail a British referendum on the EU - Telegraph.co.uk
Germany has drawn up secret plans to prevent a British referendum on the overhaul of the European Union amid concerns it could derail the eurozone rescue package, leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph disclose.

▽Stephen Lawrence's best friend breaks down as he tells jury how teenager died - The Guardian
Stephen Lawrence's best friend struggled through overwhelming emotion to tell an Old Bailey jury how the dying teenager repeatedly asked him: "Look at me, what's happened to me?" in the final minutes of his life.







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