News Headlines - 20 November 2011

▽Capture of Gaddafi son ends "Libyan drama" - Reuters
Libyan militiamen were holding Saif al-Islam in their mountain stronghold on Sunday, a day after seizing him without a fight in the southern desert and a month after his father, Muammar Gaddafi, was captured and killed.

▽Syrian Baath Party building 'hit by rockets' - Telegraph.co.uk
Syrian Army defectors say they launched a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a Baath Party building in Damascus on Sunday, in the first insurgent attack inside the Syrian capital since the uprising began.

▽Egyptian protesters clash with police for second day - The Guardian
Egyptian riot police, firing teargas and rubber bullets, have clashed for a second day with thousands of rock-throwing protesters demanding that the ruling military quickly announce a date to hand over power to an elected government.

▽Suu Kyi's NLD democracy party to rejoin Burma politics - BBC
The party of Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has agreed to re-enter the political process and contest parliamentary elections.

▽U.S. plans tough sanctions on Iran; 'unprecedented' isolation - Ha'aretz
U.S. national security adviser Tom Donilon tells reporters while accompanying President Barack Obama to Indonesia, that U.S., China and Russia wanted to ensure Islamic Republic does not develop nuclear weapons.







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