News Headlines - 21 November 2011

▽Fog disruption of flights from Heathrow continues - BBC
Thousands of passengers are facing a second day of disruption as fog continues to force the cancellation of flights in and out of London.

▽Spain markets suffer on crisis fears after election - BBC
Spanish markets have suffered after an election dominated by the eurozone crisis led to the bloc's third change of government in three weeks.

▽Protesters clash with police for third day in Egypt's Tahrir Square - Telegraph.co.uk
Running battles between protesters and riot police erupt in Cairo's Tahrir Square after a night of deadly violence that left at least 13 people dead.

▽Khmer Rouge Genocide Trial Opens in Cambodia - Voice of America
Prosecutors in the U.N.-backed trial of three top Khmer Rouge leaders in Cambodia accused the men of masterminding one of the worst horrors of the 20th Century.

▽Milly's parents attend press probe - The Press Association
Milly Dowler's parents have arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice to give evidence to the press standards inquiry triggered by revelations about the hacking of their murdered daughter's phone.
Sally and Bob Dowler, the first witnesses at the Leveson Inquiry, will describe the heartbreak they suffered when a private investigator gave them false hope about their missing daughter by deleting voicemails from her mobile.







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