News Headlines - 24 November 2011

▽German bond auction 'disaster' rocks markets - Telegraph.co.uk
The German government was unable to sell about 35pc of the €6bn (£5bn) 10-year bonds it offered to the market, getting just €3.9bn of debt away. The setback came as Fitch Ratings issued a warning that France’s AAA credit rating would be at risk should the crisis result in a sharper downturn in the country than currently envisaged.

▽IMF Warns Japan Debt Could "Quickly Become Unsustainable" - Wall Street Journal
The International Monetary Fund warned in a new report that market concerns over fiscal sustainability could trigger a "sudden spike" in Japanese government bond yields that could "quickly" render the nation's debt unsustainable as well as shake the global economy.

▽Gunmen shoot, kill five protesters in Yemen capital - Reuters
At least five people were killed when plainclothes gunmen opened fire on Yemeni protesters in the centre of the capital Sanaa on Thursday, witnesses and a hospital official said, a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed a deal to hand over power.

▽Sir James Dyson funds £1.4m professorship at Cambridge University - The Guardian
Sir James Dyson has called for a march of the scientists and engineers through British boardrooms as he launched a £1.4m professorship at Cambridge University with a warning that the academic status of inventors is not reflected in the executive world.

▽UK net migration hits record high - The Guardian
Net migration to Britain rose to a record 252,000 in 2010, despite the government's target to bring it down to "tens of thousands", according to the latest annual figures.







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