News Headlines - 25 November 2011

▽U.S. Increases Pressure on Egypt's Military to Hand Over Power to Civilian Leaders - Fox News
The U.S. increased pressure Friday on Egypt's military rulers to hand over power to civilian leaders, and the generals turned to a Mubarak-era politician to head a new government in a move that failed to satisfy the more than 100,000 protesters who jammed Tahrir Square in the biggest rally yet this week.

▽Public sector strike could see Heathrow 'grind to halt' - BBC
Heathrow airport has asked airlines to halve the number of passengers they fly into the airport next week to try to minimise disruption caused by a strike.

▽Japan Benchmark 10-Year Yield Completes Biggest Weekly Gain Since January - Bloomberg
Japan’s benchmark bond yields rose above 1 percent and completed the biggest weekly gain since January on concern the government will fail to rein in the world’s largest debt burden.

▽Japan deflation persists - Reuters
Japan's core consumer prices fell for the first time in four months in the year to October after a cigarette tax hike a year ago dropped out from calculations revealing persistent deflation caused by chronically weak domestic demand.

▽CO2 climate sensitivity 'overestimated' - BBC
Global temperatures could be less sensitive to changing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels than previously thought, a study suggests.







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