News Headlines - 26 November 2011

▽Egypt Braces for Fresh Clashes After Protester’s Death - New York Times
The killing of an unarmed demonstrator by the police on Saturday threatened to stir up new protests here as Egypt’s military rulers and political parties braced for potential chaos surrounding the parliamentary elections scheduled to start on Monday.

▽Nato: 'Highly likely' we caused Pakistan troop deaths - BBC
It is "highly likely" that Nato aircraft were behind a deadly overnight raid on a Pakistani border checkpoint, a Nato spokesman has told the BBC.

▽Max Mosley sues Google in France and Germany over 'orgy' search results - The Guardian
Max Mosley is suing Google in France and Germany in an attempt to force the internet company to monitor and censor search results about his alleged sado-masochistic orgy... Mosley is battling to remove from the internet false and libellous references to an alleged "Nazi-themed" orgy and a News of the World video. He told the inquiry he had taken legal action in 22 countries and ordered the removal of material from 193 websites in Germany.

▽$2.5 billion Mars rover departs Earth, heads for red planet - CNET
A towering Atlas 5 rocket flashed to life and vaulted into space Saturday, putting on a spectacular weekend sky show as it boosted NASA's $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory rover on an eight-and-a-half-month, 352-million-mile voyage to the red planet.

▽Secret history of Stonehenge revealed - The Independent
Current research is now suggesting that Stonehenge may already have been an important sacred site at least 500 years before the first Stone circle was erected – and that the sanctity of its location may have determined the layout of key aspects of the surrounding sacred landscape... It increases the likelihood that the site was originally and primarily associated with sun worship







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