News Headlines - 28 November 2011

▽Millions of Egyptians Take Part In Historic Election - ABC News
Egyptians took to the polls en masse today, eager to participate in the first parliamentary elections since the ousting of longtime President Hosni Mubarak last February. Although many feared the elections would be marred by violence this has not been the case, with many reports indicating a sense of optimism and goodwill in the air.

▽Bloody, Bloodier Paths for Syria - Wall Street Journal
The Arab Spring's longest conflict will end with the collapse of President Bashar al-Assad's rule, more people in Syria and abroad believe. But members of the domestic and international community are divided on what sort of regime could follow.

▽Anger Builds Against U.S. as Pakistan Mulls Action Over Attack - New York Times
Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani angrily protested the NATO strikes that killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers over the weekend, even as early American and Pakistani accounts of the events diverged sharply and it remained unclear exactly what precipitated that attack.

▽£50bn black hole as UK seen sliding back into recession - Telegraph.co.uk
The Paris-based think tank's forecast came as it warned that Britain has already begun to slide back into recession and that the Bank of England will have to pump another £125bn into the economy to salvage the recovery.

▽Toyota Unveils High-Tech Concept Car Ahead of Show - TIME
Toyota’s president unveiled a futuristic concept car resembling a giant smartphone to demonstrate how Japan’s top automaker is trying to take the lead in technology at the upcoming Tokyo auto show.







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