News Headlines - 30 November 2011

▽What impact has the public sector strike had? - BBC
Workers began to walk out at midnight and the unions say around two million people have taken part in the industrial action, causing disruption to public transport, schools, courts and council services.

▽Day the world's banks wobbled: Britain joins multi-billion-pound global bailout as key banks face new credit crunch
- Daily Mail
Britain has been sucked into a second credit crunch that threatens the stability of the world’s banking system, Downing Street warned last night.
Central banks from around the world – including the Bank of England and China’s equivalent – yesterday launched a dramatic rescue bid worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
It was agreed to head off a repeat of the 2008 crash when banks simply stopped lending to each other, bringing the world economy to a halt.

▽Gold Ends at 2-Week High on Liquidity Boost - Wall Street Journal
Gold futures surged to settle at a two-week high after coordinated action from central banks made additional liquidity available to the global financial system.

▽Iran: UK diplomatic break is step into unknown - BBC
Britain, encouraged by the outspoken support of countries like China as well as Europe and the United States, has decided to make the toughest response possible to Tuesday's attacks on the British embassy buildings in Tehran.

▽Clinton in Myanmar to test new leadership’s pledge of reform; says US cautious but encouraged - Washington Post
Looking to cement a foreign policy success and prod reform in one of the world’s most isolated and authoritarian nations, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday she was hopeful that “flickers of progress” would burst into flames of reform in Myanmar.







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