News Headlines - 01 December 2011

▽How to Save the Euro - Wall Street Journal
When euro-zone partners meet next week for another summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will ask 17 member nations to sign on to fiscal union and sign away their budget sovereignty. But restive global investors have lost their appetite for yet another grand solution too distant to count on. They are deeply discounting profligate governments' promises to mend their ways. What's needed is the strong arm of the European Central Bank to remove catastrophic risk from the marketplace without risking the bank's core mission of fighting inflation.

▽French President Warns of Dire Consequences if Euro Crisis Goes Unsolved - New York Times
Saying that he wanted to tell the truth to the French people, President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday night that Europe could be “swept away” by the euro crisis if it does not change. Europe, he said, would, “have to make crucial choices in the next few weeks,” and he said that France and Germany together were supporting a new treaty to tighten fiscal discipline and promote economic convergence in the euro zone.

▽Banks told to cut bonuses in case eurozone collapses - Metro
Banks were warned to cut bonuses and dividends in preparation for the possible collapse of the eurozone.

▽Wikileaks disclosure shines light on Big Brother - CBS News
A set of nearly 300 documents that the document-leaking Web site published today reveals how extensive and privacy-invasive the secretive multi-billion dollar industry devoted to surveillance technology has become.

▽Attorney general warns journalists over parliament reporting - Journalism.co.uk
Following controversial injunction-breaking statements in parliament earlier this year, Dominic Grieve warns journalists they are not necessarily protected from prosecution in their coverage







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