News Headlines - 04 December 2011

▽Putin's United Russia party suffers poll setback - BBC
Early returns from Russia's parliamentary polls point to a sharp drop in support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's United Russia party.

▽British embassy in Bahrain hit by mystery blast - Telegraph.co.uk
Bahrain authorities said the British embassy in the Gulf state was targetted in a mysterious blast as a canister packed with explosives blew apart a minibus near the complex.

▽Nick Clegg vows to get tough on excessive executive pay - The Guardian
Nick Clegg has committed the government to a crackdown on excessive executive pay, saying that austerity in the public sector had to be balanced by curbs on "irresponsible and unjustifiable" pay rises in the private sector.

▽Heineken buys 918 British pubs - BusinessWeek
Dutch brewer Heineken NV says it has purchased Galaxy Pub Estate, owner of 918 pubs in Britain, from Royal Bank of Scotland PLC for 412 million pounds ($646 million) in cash.

▽Giant pandas arrive in Edinburgh from China - BBC
Two giant pandas have arrived in Edinburgh, after a nine-hour journey from China.
The specially-chartered flight for Edinburgh Zoo's new residents, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, touched down just after 13:00.
The pair are the first giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years.







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