News Headlines - 07 December 2011

▽Demos continue over Russia election - The Press Association
Anger against Vladimir Putin's ruling party and alleged election fraud have boiled over into a third straight night of protests, and police in Russia's two largest cities have arrested scores of demonstrators.

▽Cabinet rebel piles pressure on PM by saying EU referendum is 'inevitable' - Metro
Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson has piled further pressure on David Cameron to hold a referendum on Europe by saying a public vote would be ‘inevitable’.

▽S&P may downgrade EU, large euro-zone banks - Reuters
Standard & Poor's warned on Wednesday that it could cut the credit ratings of the European Union and large euro-zone banks if a mass downgrade of euro-zone countries materializes.

▽Bank to sit tight on QE as economy stutters - Reuters
The Bank of England looks set to leave monetary policy unchanged on Thursday ahead of a key EU summit to resolve the euro zone debt crisis which threatens to tip Britain back into recession.

▽Snafu mars Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary ceremony - The Associated Press
A snafu marred the critical moment of silence at the Pearl Harbor ceremony Wednesday observing the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack.







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