News Headlines - 09 December 2011

▽PM's EU Treaty Veto: 'I Did It For Britain' - Sky News
Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted he put Britain's interests first by using a veto to avoid signing up to a new European economic treaty... As a result of the veto, 38 years after joining the European economic community, Britain has now taken a big step away from a greater Europe.

▽Russia protests: tens of thousands expected in Moscow - Telegraph.co.uk
The protest, simply called "For Fair Elections," is designed to overturn the result of a disputed parliamentary election last weekend which was won by the Russian prime minister's ruling United Russia party amid credible claims it was massively rigged in its favour.

▽Scotland slowly gets back to normal but storm ‘cost economy £100m’ - Scotsman
Scotland was gradually getting back to normal today after hurricane-force winds brought chaos to the country and cost the economy an estimated £100 million.

▽UK faces threat of legal action over solar subsidy - The Independent
The European Commission is threatening to take the Government to court over its controversial decision to cut solar-power subsidies by half.
The commission became the latest party to question the move publicly yesterday, revealing that it had contacted the Government as it investigates the impact of the cut.

▽HP decides: webOS will be open source - and 600 staff shifted to 'startup' - The Guardian
HP's chief executive Meg Whitman has decided to make webOS - the operating system that it acquired in buying Palm for $1.2bn in April 2010, and which contributed to a $2bn write-off in its latest quarterly results - open source.
The 600-strong webOS division - or as many of its staff as want to go - will in effect be spun off into a separate startup business trying to take advantage of the 750,000 HP Touchpads that have been sold, and any Palm smartphones.







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