News Headlines - 11 December 2011

▽Japan Sells Foreign Bonds as Hedge Costs Surge: Chart of the Day - BusinessWeek
Japanese investors are unwinding overseas bond holdings as Europe’s debt crisis drives the cost to protect against currency shifts to a more than two-year high.

▽CObama Winning Climate Debate as China Moves Toward Legal Accord - BusinessWeek
The U.S., long accused of blocking progress in international climate talks, is winning a two-decade old debate about how to curtail global warming.
The decision yesterday by China and India to move toward an agreement with the “legal force” to limit their fossil fuel emissions marked the first step toward treating developing nations the same as industrial ones when it comes to reducing pollution.

▽Medvedev orders Russia poll inquiry, gets insults - Reuters
President Dmitry Medvedev ordered an investigation on Sunday into allegations of fraud in Russia's parliamentary election, one day after tens of thousands of protesters demanded it be annulled and rerun.

▽Coming to a store near you: A flat-screen TV that can be rolled up and put in your pocket - Daily Mail
Flat screen TVs that can be rolled up and stored in a draw of put in your pocket will soon be a reality.
The new technology which was developed by a team of British scientists is known as quantum dots and can be used to make ultra-thin televisions.
It certainly is a step up from the super-thin OLED screen that was unveiled by Sony last year.

▽X Factor: girl group Little Mix win - Telegraph.co.uk
Little Mix are the first group to win the X Factor talent contest.







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