News Headlines - 14 December 2011

▽Death Toll Rises After Grenade and Gun Attack in Belgium - New York Times
Belgian police said on Wednesday they had discovered a woman’s body at a storage facility used by the man who lobbed hand grenades and fired indiscriminately into crowds near a Christmas market, killing four people, wounding more than 100 and creating panic before killing himself.
The woman’s death brought the death toll to six, including the attacker.
Authorities said there was no evidence of any link between the attacker, whom they identified as Nordine Amrani, 33, to terror groups and extremist movements for which European cities have long been on alert.

▽UK unemployment hits 17-year high - The Guardian
UK unemployment has hit a fresh 17-year high after the public sector shed thousands more jobs and the private sector failed to pick up the slack.
Youth unemployment held at a record high of over 1 million and the total number of unemployed people rose to 2.64m over the three months to October, according to official figures.

▽Nick Clegg would have done better at summit because he is 'professionally trained EU negotiator', Chris Huhne says - Telegraph.co.uk
Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Climate Change secretary, also suggested the Prime Minister had turned Britain into a "billy no mates" for wielding his veto last week during the Brussels summit.

▽Search for ‘God particle’ Higgs Boson narrowing, scientists say - Washington Post
The search for the elusive Higgs Boson particle, also known as the ‘God particle’ has entered a new phase as scientists working at CERN claim they are closer than ever to spotting it.

▽Royal Family global tour to mark Diamond Jubilee - Telegraph.co.uk
The Royal Family will mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by touring the globe in celebration, Buckingham Palace has announced.







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