News Headlines - 20 December 2011

▽Kim Jong-il, the Sportsman - New York Times
In his first match at Pyongyang Lanes, Kim bowled a perfect 300, according to state-run news media, which did not say whether the bumpers were raised. But that is nothing compared with the five holes in one and 38 under par that Kim reportedly shot in his maiden round of golf. No word on whether the course included a windmill, lion’s head and pop-up gopher.

▽Homeless people die 30 years younger, study suggests - BBC
Homeless people in England die 30 years younger than the national average, new research has suggested.

▽Hands off our land: cross-party MPs' committee tells the Government to draw up a new NPPF - Telegraph.co.uk
The Coalition's planning reforms are biased in favour of developers and create an “inevitable” risk of more development on the greenest parts of England, a cross-party group of MPs warns today.

▽'Super-connected' cities announced - Public Service
George Osborne's £100m announcement of an urban broadband fund to help develop a number of super-connected cities across the UK has named its eligible bid cities.
The cities listed as eligible for the competition are: Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bradford, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

▽Microsoft Wins Partial Ruling Over Motorola Mobility - BusinessWeek
Microsoft Corp. won a ruling that Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.’s Android phones violate one of its smartphone patents, while failing to convince a judge that six others are being infringed as well.







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