News Headlines - 29 December 2011

▽Stephen Lawrence trial: anger cannot guide your decision, judge tells jury - The Guardian
The jury in the Stephen Lawrence murder trial have been told they should acquit both defendants unless they are sure scientific evidence allegedly tying them to the murder scene was not the result of contamination.

▽News International has £100 million hacking legal fund - Reuters
The British arm of News Corp has increased the legal fund it will use to settle civil litigation cases brought by victims of phone hacking to 100 million pounds from 20 million previously, the Independent newspaper reported on Thursday.

▽D2 Jeans falls into administration - Financial Times
D2 Jeans, the clothing chain originally set up by Scottish entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, has fallen into administration, becoming the first significant UK post-Christmas casualty of the tough high street conditions affecting retailers.

▽Poorer families 'paying double by renting household goods' - The Guardian
Low-income households are paying as much as double the normal price for basic household goods due to costly rent-to-own schemes, according to a report by Barnado's.

▽Exotic creatures discovered living at deep-sea vent in Indian Ocean - The Guardian
British scientists have found a remarkable array of creatures, some of them new to science, in one of the most inhospitable regions of the deep sea. In the first ever expedition to explore and take samples from the "Dragon Vent" in the south-west Indian Ocean, remotely operated submarines spotted yeti crabs, sea cucumbers and snails living around the boiling column of mineral-rich water that spews out of the seafloor.







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