News Headlines - 06 January 2012

▽Oil over $113, Iran counters growth concerns - Reuters
Oil climbed above $113 a barrel on Friday as concern over any possible supply disruption due to mounting tensions between Iran and the West countered worries about Europe's economy.

▽Japan Prepares for Cuts to Iranian Oil Imports - Wall Street Journal
Japan, under intensifying pressure to join sanctions proposed by the U.S. and Europe, is bracing for the possibility of curbing its imports of Iranian oil, with some refiners seeking other sources.

▽Asian economies look to keep Iranian oil flowing - Washington Post
China, the biggest buyer of Iran’s oil, has publicly rejected U.S. sanctions aimed at Tehran’s energy industry while American allies Japan and South Korea are scrambling to find a compromise to keep critical supplies flowing.

▽Olympus Ex-CEO Woodford Says Suing Company Over Dismissal - BusinessWeek
Olympus Corp.’s former Chief Executive Officer Michael Woodford said he’s suing the Japanese camera maker over his dismissal as he abandoned plans to wage a proxy battle for control of the company.

▽Rammit worm steals 45,000 Facebook logins - PC Advisor
Originally, Rammit infected Windows executable and HTML files to steal; sensitive information. However, in August last year, it was reported the virus had transformed into a banking-based Trojan in a bid to commit financial fraud. Now, Rammit has mutated once again and has turned its attention to usernames and passwords belonging to members of Facebook. Seculert said the majority of the victims were based in the UK and France.







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