News Headlines - 10 January 2012

▽Thierry Henry's winner for Arsenal against Leeds was 'like a dream' says Arsene Wenger - Telegraph.co.uk
Arsène Wenger admitted that he felt like he was dreaming having watched Thierry Henry, Arsenal’s all-time record scorer, mark his return to the club with a wonderful match-winning goal.

▽HS2: Phase one of high-speed rail line gets go-ahead - BBC
A controversial new high-speed rail line between London and Birmingham has been given the go-ahead by government.
This first phase of High Speed Two (HS2) could be running by 2026, later extending to northern England.

▽Who is smart about TV - Samsung, Sony or Google? - BBC
Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic have all unveiled sets which try to integrate the television experience with the boundless content of the web. Not new, I hear you say - that has been tried for years, all the way back to WebTV in the 1990s. What's different this year is the alliance between the hardware makers and a software giant, Google, with both determined to make connected TV a mainstream idea.

▽Japanese police arrest woman who lived with doomsday cult fugitive most of his 17 years on run - Washington Post
A woman claiming to have lived with a senior member of the doomsday cult behind the 1995 nerve gas attack on Tokyo’s subways turned herself in and was arrested Tuesday for helping him evade police for nearly 17 years.

▽Japan will release three activists who boarded whaling vessel - Los Angeles Times
Bringing a diplomatic end to an unwieldy high seas drama, three Australian anti-whaling protesters detained after boarding a Japanese vessel in the Indian Ocean will be released to Australian authorities, the government in Canberra announced Tuesday.







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