News Headlines - 16 January 2012

▽'Unauthorised course change' to blame for cruise ship wreck - BBC
The CEO of Costa Cruises, the owner of the ship that ran aground off Italy, says the captain made an "unapproved, unauthorized" deviation in course.
Capt Francesco Schettino is suspected of manslaughter, but denies wrongdoing.

▽Moody's keeps French AAA credit rating - BBC
Ratings agency Moody's has said it is maintaining France's top AAA credit rating for now, three days after the country was downgraded by another agency, Standard & Poor's (S&P).

▽Japan signals may intervene in euro market - Financial Times
Jun Azumi, Japan’s finance minister, has raised the spectre of the government’s first intervention in the euro currency market for nine years after warning that the yen’s gains against the euro were “a bit rapid”.

▽Two men found dead were 'neighbours at war' - The Sun
TWO neighbours who died in suspicious circumstances had been "at war" with each other in recent weeks, it emerged today.

▽Russian space probe crashes into Pacific - South Asian News Agency
A Russian space probe, which was designed to boost the nation’s pride on a bold mission to a moon of Mars but got stuck in Earth orbit instead, came down in flames on Sunday, showering its fragments into the Pacific Ocean south of Chile’s coast.







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