News Headlines - 22 January 2012

▽Occupy London takes over new site in City - BBC
Protesters moved into an empty office building in the Barbican, in the City of London, in the early hours of Saturday.
The empty office block is owned by Berkeley Homes, which has asked the protesters to leave the building as it says it is not safe.

▽Year of the Dragon roars into the UK - The Independent
Two weeks of celebrations are set to start tomorrow as communities mark the arrival of Chinese New Year.
The 15-day event, which runs until February 6, marks the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.

▽Dutch teen completes year-long solo sailing journey around world - Fox News
A teenager from the Netherlands sailed into St. Maarten harbor on Saturday, ending a yearlong solo journey around the globe aboard a ketch named "Guppy."

▽Gingrich: From Long-Shot To Comeback Kid - Sky News
Newt Gingrich has looked down and out more than once in the 2012 Republican race for the White House.
But the 68-year-old former Speaker of the House has blown the race wide open with his victory in the South Carolina primary.

▽Online companies win piracy fight - The Daily News Journal
Outspent but hardly outgunned, online and high-tech companies triggered an avalanche of Internet clicks to force Congress to shelve legislation that would curb online piracy. They outmaneuvered the entertainment industry and other old guard business interests, leaving them bitter and befuddled.







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