News Headlines - 30 January 2012

▽France plans Tobin tax on financial transactions - The Guardian
Nicolas Sarkozy has announced plans to impose a tax on financial transactions.
The French president said a new 0.1% tax would come into force in August regardless of whether or not the European Union agrees to impose a 'Tobin tax' across the EU.

▽Britain officially drops opposition over use of European Union courts to enforce fiscal pact, says William Hague - Telegraph.co.uk
William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, admitted that Britain had dropped its threat to formally block use of the EU institutions by the fiscal pact.

▽Ex-UBS trader pleads not guilty to £1.5bn fraud - The Guardian
A City trader has denied gambling away a record £1.5bn in Britain's biggest banking fraud.
Kweku Adoboli, of east London, will go on trial accused of losing the money while working for the Swiss banking giant UBS.

▽Boris Johnson backs calls for parents to be allowed to smack their children - Telegraph.co.uk
Boris Johnson has supported calls for a change in the law to allow parents to smack their children to instil discipline in their homes.

▽Taliban, US Negotiators Meet in Qatar - Voice of America
Taliban officials say Afghan Taliban negotiators are meeting with U.S. officials in Qatar for a series of discussions aimed at building trust between the two sides ahead of the upcoming peace talks.







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