News Headlines - 02 February 2012

▽Sony's Stringer steps down as president, CEO - AFP
Troubled Japanese tech giant Sony's president and CEO Howard Stringer is to step down, the firm said Wednesday as it looks to staunch four years of losses in the face of fierce competition.

▽Sony sees $2.9 billion loss, new CEO warns of pain - Reuters
Ailing Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp warned it was heading for a bigger-than-expected $2.9 billion annual loss, presenting a daunting task for incoming CEO Kazuo Hirai, who vowed to move quickly to turn things around.

▽Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will retain right to choose successor after his death - Telegraph.co.uk
Mark Zuckerberg will effectively run Facebook like a private company after it floats, retaining the right to pick all of its directors as well as a successor to inherit control of the business when he dies.

▽NATO ministers to mull accelerated withdrawal from combat role in Afghanistan - Washington Post
NATO’s top official joined the U.S. and France on Thursday in calling for Afghan forces to take the lead in all combat operations by mid-2013.

▽Egyptians Protest Security Failure That Caused Soccer Disaster - Voice of America
Egyptian activists are taking to the streets Thursday to protest the failure of police to prevent violence at a soccer match that left at least 74 people dead and hundreds injured in the northern city of Port Said.







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