News Headlines - 04 February 2012

▽Britain braced for 'severe weather' as 15cm of snow is forecast - Metro
According to the Met Office, up to 15cm of snow is predicted to fall and temperatures will plummet to an icy -11 C.

▽UK cancer cases could surge 30 per cent, report warns - The Independent
New cases of cancer could rise by 30 per cent in the UK by 2030, experts warned, with poor diet, heavy alcohol consumption and an ageing population likely to play a major role.
The UK ranks 16th out of 27 countries in the European Union for the predicted rise in cases, says a report published by the World Cancer Research Fund.

▽Dow Jones closes at highest level since before 2008 financial crisis - New York Daily News
Before the market opened, the Labor Department said companies hired 243,000 employees in January. That's the strongest job growth in nine months. The increase in hiring pushed the unemployment rate down to 8.3 percent.

▽Syria forces 'in Homs massacre' - BBC
Syrian government forces have bombarded the city of Homs with artillery shells and mortars, killing more than 200 people, opposition groups say.

▽Tens of thousands of Russians rally against Putin’s rule - Washington Post
Tens of thousands of Russians flooded downtown Moscow on Saturday to demand an end to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s rule, casting a strong challenge to his bid to reclaim the presidency in March.







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