News Headlines - 09 February 2012

▽Dozens More Die in Syrian Violence, Activists Say - New York Times
The embattled Syrian city of Homs remained under siege for a sixth day Thursday with sporadic tank shells ripping into contested neighborhoods, residents throughout the city cowering at home and medical supplies dwindling, according to telephone interviews with residents.

▽David Cameron and King Abdullah discuss Abu Qatada case - BBC
David Cameron and King Abdullah of Jordan have agreed to work on finding a "solution" to the Abu Qatada case.

▽Japan’s electricity industry Power politics - The Economist
Back in Tokyo, TEPCO faces more hot water. The government is laying plans to nationalise the troubled utility, overhaul its management, and bring much-needed competition to the energy market.

▽Steve Jobs' FBI files question his honesty and morality - BBC
The FBI files of Steve Jobs have been released, showing a man who commanded respect as an innovator but was questioned on his honesty and morality.

▽Fabio Capello’s ‘£1.5m reward’ for giving up trophy-free reign - Metro
The Italian may receive compensation for giving up his £6million a year post, according to reports, while members of his backroom team were being tipped to pocket about £1million.
Football chiefs will be left with a total bill of £40million for his four trophy-less years in charge.







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