News Headlines - 13 February 2012

▽Abu Qatada released under strict bail conditions - Telegraph.co.uk
Abu Qatada returned to the streets of Britain on Monday night under some of the most draconian bail conditions ever imposed as ministers intensify diplomatic efforts to remove him permanently from the country.

▽Sun journalists vent anger at corruption probe - Financial Times
Frustration among many journalists at The Sun over their perceived persecution by police, politicians and their own parent company News Corp spilt over in public on Monday, ahead of a visit by Rupert Murdoch later this week.

▽UN Rights Chief 'Outraged' by Syrian Attacks - Voice of America
The United Nations human rights chief said Monday she is outraged by what she called the Syrian government’s serious violations of civilian rights.

▽Israel Blames Iran for Attacks in India and Georgia - New York Times
Tensions between Israel and Iran rose sharply on Monday when bombers struck at Israeli Embassy personnel in the capitals of India and Georgia. Israel accused the Tehran government of being behind the attacks, which Iran denied.

▽Debt crisis: markets rally as Greece accepts austerity budget - Telegraph.co.uk
European markets rose with relief that Greece had chosen its austerity budget over bankruptcy – despite an admission from Greek politicians that the agreement could be scrapped after elections in April.







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