News Headlines - 16 February 2012

▽Former Olympus chairman arrested in accounting probe - BBC
Former Olympus chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and two other former executives have been arrested as part of the continuing investigations into the camera company.

▽David Cameron and Alex Salmond to clash in Scottish independence battle - Metro
Westminster wants to impose strict restrictions on the terms and timing of any ballot on the issue, but Scottish National Party leader Mr Salmond believes that all the conditions of the vote, including whether 16 and 17-year-olds should be allowed to participate, should be decided by Scotland alone.

▽Dolly Parton set to make a fortune from Whitney Houston's hit single - Telegraph.co.uk
Country singer Dolly Parton, who originally wrote and recorded Whitney Houston's biggest hit I Will Always Love You, is set to earn millions of dollars.

▽Sarkozy Launches His Bid for New Term - Wall Street Journal
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy formally launched his re-election bid on Wednesday, saying in an interview on French television that he wanted to propose new solutions to help the country ride out the financial crisis.

▽Japan Ignored Nuclear Risks, Official Says - New York Times
In surprisingly frank public testimony on Wednesday, Japan’s nuclear safety chief said the country’s regulations were fundamentally flawed and laid out a somber picture of a nuclear industry shaped by freewheeling power companies, toothless regulators and a government more interested in promoting nuclear energy than in safeguarding the health of its citizens.







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