News Headlines - 21 February 2012

▽Europe seals new Greek bailout to avert default - Reuters
Euro zone finance ministers sealed a 130-billion-euro ($172 billion) bailout for Greece on Tuesday to avert a chaotic default next month after forcing Athens to commit to unpopular cuts and private bondholders to accept deeper losses.

▽Numerous casualties in bombardment of Syria's Homs - Reuters
Syrian government forces killed at least 16 people and wounded some 340 on Tuesday when they unleashed a heavy artillery barrage on a rebel-held district of the city of Homs, activists said.

▽Yemen: Child among four killed in violence during election with one candidate - Telegraph.co.uk
Four people including a child were killed in clashes Tuesday in south Yemen as voters headed for the polls, ending President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 33-year rule.

▽Nato apologises for Afghan Koran 'disposal' - BBC
Afghan officials told the AP news agency that the Korans were in rubbish that two soldiers with the US-led coalition transported in a lorry late on Monday night to a pit on the base where rubbish is burned.
When five Afghans working at the pit noticed the religious books in the rubbish, they stopped the disposal process.

▽Britain's 'Mickey Mouse' border controls let 500,000 into the country without any checks for FIVE YEARS - Daily Mail
Britain's shambolic Border Agency has routinely dropped or downgraded major immigration controls for the past five years without ministerial approval, a devastating report revealed last night.
It found up to half a million Eurostar passengers arriving from French tourist resorts, including Disneyland Paris, were waved into Britain without facing any anti-terror checks.
The European nationals were not examined against the Home Office’s so-called Warnings Index, which contains details of terrorists and dangerous criminals who must be refused entry to keep the public safe.







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