News Headlines - 24 February 2012

▽U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Japan Organized Crime Group - Wall Street Journal
The U.S. government entered the battle against Japanese organized crime, announcing a freeze on American-owned assets controlled by the largest yakuza syndicate, Yamaguchi-gumi, and the group's top two leaders.

▽Japan watchdog halts fund on fears over lost assets - BBC
Japan's financial watchdog has told an investment firm to halt its operations on suspicion that it has lost most of the $2.3bn (£1.5bn) funds it manages.

▽Lloyds plunges to £3.5bn loss for 2011 - The Guardian
Lloyds Banking Group has painted a subdued outlook for the UK economy as the bailed-out bank revealed it had plunged to a £3.5bn loss in 2011 and would pay out £375m in bonuses.

▽Economy contracts by 0.2% - The Independent
The UK's economy contracted 0.2% in the final quarter of 2011, revised figures confirmed today, while growth for the year as a whole was lower than previously thought.

▽Photo of Whitney Houston lying dead in coffin published on magazine cover - Metro
A shocking photograph of Whitney Houston in an open coffin has been printed on the cover of US gossip magazine the National Enquirer, enraging her fans all over the world.







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