News Headlines - 26 February 2012

▽Murdoch’s new Sunday tabloid launches celebrity-filled first edition amid media ethics scandal - Washington Post 
The new Sunday tabloid replaces The News of the World, which closed in July after an advertising boycott led Murdoch to pull the 168-year-old paper. Britons were disgusted by revelations that the paper had routinely hacked into the phones of those in the public eye — including, most notoriously, a missing schoolgirl whose murder had shocked the country.

▽Thousands form human chain in anti-Putin protest - The Associated Press
Thousands of people holding hands formed a 16-kilometer (10-mile) human chain encircling central Moscow on Sunday in the latest protest against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

▽Drought spreads across England as soil moisture in Anglia reaches record low - Telegraph.co.uk
Earlier this week the the South East joined most of East Anglia in a state of drought. The soil moisture deficit recorded for East Anglia of 51mm is the driest recorded for this time of year and could mean a very poor harvest for the "bed basket of Britain".

▽Livestock Schmallenberg virus hits 74 farms in England - BBC
The Schmallenberg infection had been diagnosed five times in cattle and 69 times in sheep, officials said. Humans are thought to be unaffected by it.
The virus is thought to be spread by midges, mosquitoes and ticks. It first emerged in the Netherlands and Germany last year.

▽Ice Cream Sandwich with quad-core chips ready for Mobile World Congress - CNET
CNET offers a taste of all the wireless news that we expect from this coming week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.







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