News Headlines - 27 February 2012

▽Russia foils 'Chechen plot' to assassinate Vladimir Putin - Telegraph.co.uk
Russian and Ukrainian security services have foiled a plot to blow up Vladimir Putin shortly after this Sunday's presidential election in Russia, it emerged on Monday.

▽Koran burning protest: car bomb explodes outside Afghan airport - Telegraph.co.uk
A car laden with explosives detonated outside an airport in eastern Afghanistan, killing nine people in what Taliban militants claimed was retaliation for the burning of Korans by American soldiers.

▽Syria Tallies Votes on New Charter as Battles Continue - New York Times
Fighting was reported to have resumed on Monday in Syria as state media reported that vote-counting was under way after a referendum on a new constitution, an offer of reform that critics dismissed as too little too late and Western leaders labeled a farce.

▽North Korea: Ready to go to war with U.S., South Korea - CNN
North Korea said it's ready to fight a war with the United States and South Korea, as the two allies kicked off their annual joint military drills Monday, according to state-run media.

▽MWC 2012: Sony, HTC and LG announce flagship mobile smartphones - Telegraph.co.uk
Sony, HTC and LG are among the major manufacturers to have announced their new smartphone ranges for 2012.







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