News Headlines - 13 March 2012

Rebekah Brooks and her husband among six arrested by phone hacking police - Telegraph.co.uk
The former editor of the News of the World and her husband Charlie, the race horse trainer and Telegraph columnist, were arested at their home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, sources said.

▽David Cameron and Barack Obama hail 'unique' bond ahead of US visit - Metro
David Cameron has joined Barack Obama in praising the relationship between Britain and the United States as 'a partnership of the heart, bound by... history' ahead of the prime minister's state visit to Washington this week.

▽Sarkozy Takes Poll Lead - Wall Street Journal
French President Nicolas Sarkozy edged ahead of his Socialist Party rival François Hollande for the first time since the beginning of the presidential election campaign, according to a poll released Monday evening.

▽Afghanistan militants 'attack Kandahar killings site' - BBC
Militants in Afghanistan have launched an attack on a government delegation visiting the site where a US soldier killed 16 civilians.

▽Syria 'laying landmines along border' - Telegraph.co.uk
Syrian troops have planted landmines along routes used by people fleeing the country's violence and trying to reach neighbouring Turkey, an international human rights group has said.







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