News Headlines - 01 March 2012

▽North Korea pledges to halt nuclear programme in exchange for US aid - The Guardian
North Korea has agreed to suspend nuclear missile tests and uranium enrichment, and submit to international monitoring, in return for US food aid.
Washington described the deal, which breaks with the US's previous assertion that large-scale deliveries of food are not tied to North Korea curbing its nuclear programme, as "important, if limited".

▽Japan Cautiously Welcomes U.S.-North Korea Deal - Wall Street Journal
Japan welcomed an agreement between the U.S. and North Korea on freezing the North's nuclear weapons program, but said Pyongyang needs to follow up with concrete action.

▽Circuses to be banned from using wild animals, government announces - The Guardian
Travelling circuses will be banned from using wild animals in their shows, the government has announced.
Ministers unveiled plans on Thursday to outlaw the "outdated" practice through new legislation at the "earliest opportunity".

▽The Queen, Catherine and Camilla visit Fortnum & Mason - BBC
The Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall have visited one of London's luxury department stores.

▽Video: BBC News Youtube mash-up goes viral - Belfast Telegraph
BBC News presenter George Alagiah is the latest 'victim' to be taken out of context in a new viral video mash-up by Cassetteboy.







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