News Headlines - 02 March 2012

▽Putin sure of his victory in presidential vote - The Associated Press
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has voiced confidence that he will win Sunday's presidential election in Russia, while bluntly dismissing opposition demands and maintaining his strong criticism of the United States.

▽EU summit: All but two leaders sign fiscal treaty - BBC
The "fiscal compact" aims to prevent the 17 eurozone states running up huge debts like those which sparked the Greek, Irish and Portuguese bailouts.
To take effect, the pact must be ratified by 12 eurozone states.

▽London riots: Men guilty over Malaysian student robbery - BBC
Two men have been found guilty of stealing from a Malaysian student as they pretended to help him during last summer's riots in London.

▽Love cheat Giggs' damages claim thrown out of court - The Sun
A DAMAGES claim against The Sun lodged by love cheat Ryan Giggs was thrown out by a court today.

▽Google launches privacy plan amid protests - Computerworld
Critics, however, say the new privacy policy gives Google free rein to parse together a user's personal information to find out what she is interested in, who she talks to, where she goes and, basically, who she is.







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