News Headlines - 03 March 2012

▽'Caring' Cameron to defend spending cuts - The Independent
David Cameron will today insist there is “true compassion” behind the Government's austerity programme, arguing the Coalition is taking tough decisions because of its concern for Britain's long-term future.

▽Police set to outsource investigating  crimes and patrols to private firms - Metro
West Midlands and Surrey police are asking private security firms to bid for contracts, worth £1.5billion over seven years, to run some services currently carried out by officers – such as investigating crime and patrolling neighbourhoods, it has been revealed.

▽Merkel Needs Two-Thirds Majority In Germany For Fiscal Compact:Report - Wall Street Journal
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel will need to secure a two-thirds majority in the lower and upper houses of parliament for the approval of the European fiscal compact that sets out tougher budget rules, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Saturday, citing government and coalition sources.

▽BP reaches $8billion settlement with fishermen over Gulf of Mexico oil spill - Daily Mail
BP has agreed a settlement with more than 100,000 fishermen and cleanup workers from the oil giant's 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster, the worst offshore oil spill in American history.
The massive settlement has no limit on the compensation, although BP estimates it will have to pay out about $7.8 billion, making it one of the largest class-action suits ever.

▽Facebook in new row over sharing users’ data with moderators - Telegraph.co.uk
New information about Facebook’s outsourced moderation process shows that the social network shares more personal information with moderators than it has so far acknowledged.







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