News Headlines - 05 March 2012

▽The worm that turned: 500million-year-old worm is our oldest ancestor - Mirror.co.uk
The oldest human ancestor is a 500million-year-old worm-like creature no longer than a thumb.
Pikaia gracilens is the most primitive known vertebrate and therefore the ancestor of all descendant vertebrates, including humans.

▽Catholics will be called to oppose gay marriage - Telegraph.co.uk
The Roman Catholic Church is planning to enlist the support of more than a million regular worshippers in opposition to Government plans for same-sex marriage.

▽British barrister found dead in Pakistan - The Independent
A leading British barrister has been found dead in a hotel room in Pakistan, his family has revealed. Relatives of Paul McBride QC, said the 48-year-old had died in his sleep in the city of Lahore, where he was on a trip with a fellow human rights lawyer.

▽Gunmen kill 27 in raids on west Iraq checkpoints - Reuters
Gunmen disguised as police raided checkpoints and homes in western Iraq on Monday, killing at least 27 members of the security forces, police said, in an attack the authorities said bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

▽Al Qaeda Blamed for Attack in Yemen - Wall Street Journal
At least 35 Yemeni soldiers were killed Sunday in an attack by al Qaeda-linked fighters that began with twin suicide bombings, medical officials said, continuing a wave of attacks launched since a new president took office vowing to fight the group.







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