News Headlines - 09 March 2012

▽Japan cabinet stunned, confused after quake, minutes show - Reuters
A stunned Japanese cabinet felt no one was taking charge days after a tsunami smashed into the Fukushima nuclear power plant, unofficial minutes released on Friday showed, evidence of the scale of confusion as the country faced its biggest crisis since World War Two.

▽Japan earthquake and tsunami anniversary: quarter of a million face five years in shelters - Telegraph.co.uk
Japan has wasted the entire year since a giant earthquake and tsunami destroyed its North East coast, the Japanese Red Cross said, as it emerged that more than a quarter of a million survivors face up to five more years in temporary shelters.

▽Japan Prepares To Mark 1 Year Anniversary Of Earthquake And Tsunami - Metro

▽Japan's Nikkei breaks 10,000 for first time in seven months - Washington Post
Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average rose briefly above the symbolically significant 10,000 mark on Friday, its highest point in seven months, amid signs of optimism for recovery in the world’s third-largest economy.

▽Japan and Australia drawn together in World Cup - Eurosport.com
Japan will face Australia in a repeat of the 2011 Asian Cup final after the duo were drawn together in a tricky World Cup qualifying fourth round group.







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