News Headlines - 14 March 2012

▽UK looking at 100-year bonds to lock in low rates - The Associated Press
Britain is looking at ways of taking advantage of the country's super-low borrowing costs by considering the launch of bonds that would be repaid over 100 years, a senior Treasury official said Wednesday.

▽Top Goldman executive quits over culture of 'toxic' greed - Telegraph.co.uk
A senior Goldman Sachs executive has attacked a "toxic" and "destructive" culture at the leading investment bank that is increasingly focused on making money from clients, in an article in the New York Times.

▽UK unemployment rises by 28,000 to 2.67m, ONS reports - BBC
UK unemployment rose by 28,000 to 2.67 million during the three months to January, with the unemployment rate at 8.4%, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

▽Police May Get Water Cannon To Tackle Rioters - Sky News
Water cannon and CS gas could be made available to police forces in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer's riots.
The equipment would be valuable to forces across England and Wales, a new review said.

▽Wen attacks party conservatives - Financial Times
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has attacked conservative rivals in the ruling Communist party by warning that China could face another Cultural Revolution unless it undertakes urgent political reforms.
Speaking on national television on Wednesday, Mr Wen, who will step down as premier later this year, hit out at conservatives including Bo Xilai, the Chongqing Communist party boss whose bid for a Politburo standing committee place has been hurt by a scandal involving his former police chief.







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