News Headlines - 15 March 2012

▽Apple continues to defy gravity as stock hits $600 - Reuters
As Apple's stock leaps to successive highs, it is intriguing to look back every couple of weeks just to see how far the tech giant has come.

▽PiP Breast Implant Scandal, 7000 More Women May Need Replacement Or Removal UK - Medical News Today
The UK Department of Health has issued an update on PiP breast implants scandal which struck in late 2011. Authorities have identified an additional 7,000 women in the UK that may be in need to replacement or removal of their implants, and have confirmed this should be covered under the same NHS arrangements made earlier in the year.

▽Karzai Calls for U.S. Troop Pullback - Wall Street Journal
The U.S. strategy in Afghanistan suffered a double blow on Thursday, as President Hamid Karzai made a surprise demand that the U.S. and its allies pull their troops from villages into bases, and the Taliban said they suspended their negotiations with the U.S.

▽Hillsborough was drunk Liverpool fans’ fault, Margaret Thatcher told - Metro
Margaret Thatcher was told a senior police officer blamed the Hillsborough disaster on ‘drunken Liverpool fans’, days after the tragedy which left 96 dead.

▽Miserable night for Manchester as City and United both crash out of Europe - Daily Mail
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2115557/Manchester-City-Manchester-United-crash-Europe.htmlManchester City and Manchester United were both dumped out of the Europa League by supposedly inferior opposition on Thursday night.







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