News Headlines - 19 March 2012

▽4 killed in shooting at French Jewish school - CNN
A gunman opened fire on a Jewish school in southern France Monday, killing four people -- the third shooting in the area in 10 days.

▽Fabrice Muamba’s heart stopped for two hours after collapse on pitch - Metro
The Bolton Wanderers midfielder remained in a critical condition on Sunday night after he collapsed on the pitch from a heart attack in an FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur.

▽Egyptian Coptic Pope dies - Financial Times
Pope Shenouda III, the head of the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox church for 40 years, has died in Cairo after a long illness at the age of 89.
His death comes at a particularly tense moment for Egypt’s estimated 8 million Christians who feel they face an uncertain future as Islamists of various stripes from moderates to ultraconservatives have come to dominate politics following last year’s overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, the former president.

▽UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’ - BBC
The internet contributes to 8.3% of the UK economy, a bigger share than for any of the other G20 major countries, a new study suggests.
The "internet economy" was worth £121bn in 2010, more than £2,000 per person, researchers at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said.

▽Vikings 'carried mice to colonies'‎ - The Independent
Mice hitched a ride with Vikings to mount their own invasions in the 10th century, research has shown.
A genetic study shows that Viking longboats carried the weeny Norse warriors to colonies in Iceland and Greenland.







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